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Tentacles of a beautiful thought
#drippainting #jacksonpollockstyle #acry
Reflection III

Raised in India, now a New Yorker. Trained in painting at NYU and New York Studio School (NYSS) . Rita is also MBA from NYU Stern School of Business. RIta has exhibited her work at New York Art Expo, 2019 and Chelsea and Midtown NYC galleries. She is represented by Saphira & Ventura Gallery, Midtown Manhattan, New York City ; MANA Contemporary, NJ

Overflowing with texture and feelings, are the works of Rita BasuMallick, each ushered with a soulful mind and spirit of life. Rita's works are mostly oil on canvas, with various brushstroke, mixture of mediums and their application as well as their very intense conveyance of emotion. Each artwork is a way for the artist to share a feeling felt at a certain moment in time, one that will never occur again, but immortalized on canvas


Reflection III

Year created: 2020 Size: 28" x 24"x 1.5" Medium: Oil Art Style: Impressionism